Street Art

In the interest of bringing the dead back to life, I have recently been inspired to create art that does just that.  My current work reflects anxieties related to preserving something that has been lost, restoring beauty to that which has been stripped of it, and uncovering what is hidden. I like to think of these works of art as zombies.  They are both dead, yet alive through the statement made in the context of art.

The documentation and intervention of covered up graffiti has shown me that even once something has been erased, there is beauty in the erasure.  This body of work relies on three things: Someone’s love for creating street art, someone’s disregard for street art/ obligation to destroy it, and my interest in the shapes created after the art has been painted over.  The series entitled “Zombies” is about recognizing that a threat to the art world can be turned around and used as art against the threat itself. How attempting to destroy street art by painting over it only further activates the space, making living of the dead and therefore creating “zombies” of the street art world.  The painted over graffiti both repels street artists and attracts them, for not only does the painted shape show that art is not welcome, it also creates a blank canvas effect, erasing the old to make room for the new.  With the paste up interventions I am calling attention to the mass production of event posters and media flyers we see in large cities such as Toronto or New York.  By pasting up the same image repeated next to one another, it creates a Warhol effect and demands attention.  In the same way however, the paste ups act as a form of vandalism, prompting those with authority to power wash them off the wall, then revealing the original inspiration underneath; the covered up graffiti I have claimed as art.

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