Masking Tape

Daniel Deus – (De) Construction of a Self Portrait

Building Relationships, 2012

This body of work is an attempt to demonstrate the structural and behavioural relationships between architecture and pattern. There is an interesting contrast between grid-like systems that can visually represent organization verses the chaos behind following that grid or the process of creating it in the real world. Using the pattern of plaid to juxtapose the geometric similarities of a crane constructing a building creates relationships that can be unified with the layering of tape as the canvas itself. These paintings on stretched woven masking tape document and comment on the mass condo development in Toronto, poignantly suggesting the temporality of the urban core. The over population of these half-finished structures tends to leave us numb with a sense of inevitable completion as we are consistently introduced to the overwhelmingly large mass of steel and concrete that takes over our landscape. The structure of an individual is not unlike the structure of a building, and as a city grows, changes and morphs into a complete project while still maintaining the potential for demolition and gentrification, so do we.

  • The Tortoise and The Crane

Acrylic on Masking Tape on Board


  • Sign No.1

Acrylic on Masking Tape on Board


  • Hello, I’m Canadian

Acrylic on Masking Tape on Board


  • Wisdom

Acrylic on Masking Tape on Board


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